Animal Project

The animal project was an assignment from second semester of my first year at CMU. The project was an exploration of 2D and 3D design with the prompt of embodying a specific animal, specifically your "spirit" animal. The 3D portion of the project taught me how to take everyday forms, that are recycled or thrown away, and find similarities within the animal's structure. The antelope was a very interesting animal to explore because of its facial structure, intricate antlers, and defining ear shape. I learned how to take these physical features and represent them in various ways, while still embodying the essential qualities of the animal. 

Physical prototyping + Illustration + Collage + Composition + Research + Illustrator


Graphic Translation and Recycled Form

The graphic translation aspect of this project allowed me to explore various concepts that helped me to decide how to best convey the essence of the antelope and its form. I applied my knowledge of various principles, including use of negative space, color relationships, and scales at which the antelope should be viewed. This project also allowed me to perfect my craft of paper cutting and showcase my ability to transfer a paper illustration into a digital format. I constructed my animal out of an old detergent bottle, the tops and caps of orange juice and water bottles, plastic spoons, and wire.