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Infra Dance Company is a student led dance company and repertoire troupe that focuses on furthering the artistic exposure of dance on Carnegie Mellon's Campus and throughout the Pittsburgh Community. The Company performs at numerous events on campus, specializing in contemporary dance, and aims to create a unique performance for each engagement. I held the roles of Public Relations Chair and Co-Artistic Director in my 3rd and 4th years, respectively. Infra was one of the best experiences I had in college and I’m grateful for the friendships I grew there and continue to cherish.

Artistic direction + Logo design + Brand identity + Print design + Choreography + Social media curation + Illustrator + Photoshop + Premiere

Infra Dance Company 2017-18. Photograph taken by Soonho Kwon.

Infra Dance Company 2017-18. Photograph taken by Soonho Kwon.

Infra Logo

One of the first things I did as PR Chair was redesign our logo/wordmark. I learned a lot about how tricky it is to work with particular letter sequences, and how upper vs. lower case makes such a difference when designing a wordmark. I also established a color system of black, white, royal blue, and grey to use for PR materials and merchandise.

Logo Design process

Logo Design process


I designed our tank tops and t-shirts using the new logo and color scheme.

Infra Dance Company: Reverberations

I designed PR and in show materials for Infra’s 2016-17 annual performance, Reverberations.

Infra Dance Company: Embrace

Sarah Deluty and I co-directed the artistic and choreographic vision for Infra’s 2017-18 annual performance. We performed in CMU’s blackbox studio theatre.


Social Media

As PR Chair I managed our social media channels to promote our open classes, performances, new members, and more.


Dancer of the Day Spotlights

I photographed each of our dancers and wrote posts leading up to our Infra annual show, Reverberations; these were posted on Facebook and Instagram.


Instagram Posts

Infra grew in social media presence tremendously from 2016 to the present. We began to bond a lot more as a group and invested more time and energy into our connection to the CMU and greater community. Our annual photoshoots (left), visits to local exhibits (middle), and video recordings from our open classes (right) were just some of the ways we invited people to be a part of our family and strengthen our own connections within the company.

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2016-17 Photoshoot

As PR Chair it was my job to organize and direct our annual photoshoot. I chose Carrie Furnaces as our location, and brought on my good friend Lily Fulop to photograph us.


Working with Sarah

Being co-artistic directors with Sarah was one of the most rewarding experiences of my dance and college career. We worked incredibly well together, despite being the first in our company history to be co-artistic directors as opposed to just one. We ended up setting a precedent for the following year as well.

Photo taken by Soonho Kwon.

Photo taken by Soonho Kwon.

Sarah’s Admissions Video

While I don’t consider this part of the work I did for Infra, this project was really important both for helping one of my best friends and colleagues as well as teaching myself some new skills. Sarah needed an admissions video for Tufts Veterinarian School and asked me to create it for her. I learned how to use Premiere to compile footage of her dancing and mixed audio. (Bonus! She was admitted.)


Senior duet

Sarah and I co-choreographed this duet back in sophomore year and decided to use it as our senior duet for our final show.