Univers Typeface Study

In my Communications Design course during my second year I studied Adrian Frutiger's typeface, Univers. Professor Dan Boyarski had us work through two design exercises; the first involved examining the entire alphabet and number sequence of this typeface and finding sections of a character or number that truly embodied the essence of Univers (thickness, stroke style, etc.) The second exercise involved creating a video using AfterEffects that covers the history and essential qualities of Univers through motion graphics, color choice, music, and more. 

Video narrative + Typography research + Layout + Composition + Type Hierarchy + Sketching + After Effects + Illustrator


3 x 3 Grid

Phase 1 of the assignment dealt with creating a grid of letters and numbers of the Univers library. The grid is a visual representation of the essential qualities of Univers. We were encouraged to explore different relationships of foreground and background, text and the space around and in between it. 


Research + Process

Developing an Understanding of Univers

Sketching, hand-lettering, research on the typeface, and exploration of different cropping techniques helped me to gain a deeper understanding of what makes Univers a unique typeface, and why it was chosen for certain contexts such as subway system directional signage and Olympic postering.