Hi there! My name is Gillan I'm an undergraduate Environments Designer and gender studies minor studying at Carnegie Mellon University. Originally from the D.C. area, I grew up just outside of our capital and moved away for the first time when I came to Carnegie Mellon. During my second year, my parents moved to Beijing, China, where I later joined them for a summer, graphic design internship the following year. 

My time at CMU has brought on many amazing opportunities. I recently took on the position of Producer for CMU's annual fashion show, Lunar Gala. LG is the largest event at Carnegie Mellon, so I was thrilled to be chosen to manage the various groups within the organization, such as the fashion designers, models, and creative team, which focuses on the motion graphics and branding of LG. In addition to Lunar Gala, I have been an active member of CMU's contemporary dance group, Infra Dance Company, and will be acting as our Artistic Director for the upcoming year. I previously held Public Relations Chair for our dance company, and worked in the areas of branding, advertising, fundraising, and managing social media. 

Some of my passions outside of design and dance include painting, knitting, cooking, and traveling. I have also recently gained interest in the areas of sustainability and climate change. My design education has exposed me to many issues surrounding sustainability, and how I as a designer and a person can reduce my output and encourage others to do so as well. I hope to one day lead or be involved in a project that combines environmental awareness initiatives, urban planning, and interaction and environments design within developing nations.