Fine arts

During high school I attended a magnet arts program where I studied painting, drawing, and various other mediums. These explorations helped me to develop a voice in high school, mostly influence by my travels. My perspective, voice, and passions shifted greatly during my time at CMU, however I still value much of the work and exploration I did before attending university. 

Painting + Drawing + Sketch noting + Collage + Series work + Photography + Observational drawing + Portraiture

Me and my work at the VAC 2013-2014 Art Show; Albert Einstein High School.

Me and my work at the VAC 2013-2014 Art Show; Albert Einstein High School.

Pen and Pencil Series

During my third year of high school I completed a ballpoint pen series, for my AP portfolio, based on photographs from my travels. I loved working in this medium because it challenged me to create depth, texture, and hierarchy with only one 'color,' one dimension, and one tool. 



Over my three years in the Visual Arts Center I completed many self portraits as well as portraits of friends and family. Below is a selection of several. 



After my third year of high school I took a summer intensive landscape painting workshop at Glen Echo Park in Maryland. I completed several paintings during this workshop and continued to explore landscapes during my senior year. 


Colored Pencil Work

Trompe L'oeil

Resized Portfolio-10.png

Still Life

In the VAC we did many observational drawing exercises. These are a few of the still life compositions I created over the three years in the program. 

Resized Portfolio-16.png
Resized Portfolio-17.png